Microfluidics Symposium 2020

On the 30th of January 2020, The Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU organised the first Microfluidics Symposium at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The Symposium brought seven international speakers from different disciplines:

Futuristic Microfluidics Incorporating Bioinspired Functionalities.Dermot Diamond (Dublin City University, IRL).

Dynamic Wetting of Fluids at the Microscale:  Drop Emission, Inertia and Microstructured Surface Effects. Aurora Hernandez-Machado (Univ. Barcelona, SP).

Future Diagnostics Opportunities in Limited Resource Settings. Kevin Nichols (Intellectual Ventures, USA).

Organ-on-a-chip Platforms for Cancer Research Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Severine Le Gac (Univ. Twente, NL).

The Making of Micro and Nano particles by Electro-hydrodynamics. Ignacio Gonzalez Loscertales (Univ. Málaga, SP).

Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion Forces for Bioanalysis On-chip. Nicole Pamme (Univ. Hull, UK).

Life in Space: The Role of Microfluidic Systems in the Study of Terrestrial Microbes in Space & the Search for Life in our Solar System. Tony Ricco (NASA, USA).

The Event brought about 75 people from all the Basque Network of research, innovation and industry to Vitoria-Gasteiz to know more about what microfluidic technology can bring to their areas of research.

MAMI students had an opportunity to present their work during the poster session to a broad interdisciplinary research community. They not only practiced their presentation skills but also got a valuable scientific exchange with renowned scientists.