Magnetic fluids and microfluidics: A short review

AuthorEmma Thomée, PhD candidate at Elvesys Elvesys SAS, 172 Rue de Charonne 75011 Paris 1. Introduction into magnetic fluids and microfluidics Magnetic manipulation of micro-fluids is an attractive concept. Due to the non-invasive nature of magnetic fields, magnetic particles or magnetic fluids can be manipulated inside a microfluidic channel by external magnets that are not in direct contact with the fluid. Ferrofluids make up a specific class of magnetic fluids. Ferrofluids are stable colloid suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles in a nonmagnetic carrier fluid, and they exhibit both magnetic and fluidic properties. External magnetic fields can be applied to control their fluid motion and their fluidic properties are retained even under the influence of strong magnetic fields. Ferrofluids can move just as single component fluids thorough microchannels of microfluidic devices.…
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New Paper in NANO Letters

A paper titled 'Helium Ion Microscopy for Reduced Spin Orbit Torque Switching Currents' has come to life as a result of joint efforts of MaMi consortium members (TCD, IPCMS-CNRS, UNISTRA-Herman's lab) and Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden. This work has been done within the project of ESR 8 Jinu Kurian and is yet another stepping stone in elucidating  behaviour under extreme magnetic field gradients.Full text available here
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