New Paper in Nature

The team successfully imaged water flow imbedded in ferrofluid enclosure, stabilized by magnetic forces. X-ray tomography 3D imaging was performed at PSI synchrotron (CH), in a new collaboration, which validated the full shape of the microfluidic circuitry, as well as the accuracy of the optical method used IPCMS laboratory in parallel. The team is now capable of stabilizing and imaging tubes of 15 microns diameter, more than one order of magnitude smaller than before. This finding a key for showing how this approach is relevant for the field of microfluidics, in particular for flowing very viscous liquids or very delicate biological compounds. These results are published in latest issue in Nature Dunne, P., Adachi, T., Dev, A.A. et al. Liquid flow and control without solid walls. Nature 581, 58–62 (2020).…
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