The second MaMi workshop “Magnetism and Life” took place on May 15-17 at the recently opened House of Science of the University of Latvia

This event brought together scientists from the MaMi network and experienced researchers from all around the world to share and discuss various perspectives on how magnetism and life are connected. Given talks covered many interesting topics. A story by Dr. Damien Faivre on magnetotactic bacteria illustrated how magnetism exists in life. A talk by Prof. Konstantin Kornev described how one can use magnetism to study biological systems, as amusing as insect blood. Several talks showed how magnetic objects can be applied to create medical applications and improved our health in the future. Other presentations demonstrated how magnetism enables one to create new and exciting phenomena that are inspired from what we see in nature.

Lunch, coffee breaks and workshop dinner promoted networking and closer ties between young early stage researchers and experts in the different presented fields.

To sum up, it was a nice event to widen the understanding and particularly useful for ESRs to experience international science in action.